not dead yet {not a new chapter}

This is not an update in itself.

I’ve gotten a fair amount of traffic even after HSTW went on hiatus, and not everyone who comes across it will also be aware of e.g. my patreon, where I’ve tried to keep people up to date.

So, a quick note here, for anyone who comes across the story: Heroes Save the World went on hiatus because of various shit, from the personal (e.g. illness) to the structural (e.g. with so many characters to keep track of, any small deviation from my outline tended to have huge effects down the line).

My intention is to have HSTW back up and running by the end of next month, complete with a summary of the past year’s events (because it’s been a long time and I hate when stories pick up without a refresher). At that point, HSTW will run from sequence to sequence, punctuated by hiatuses of indeterminate length.

I want to complete this story, but it’s clear that I’m not going to be able to publish the next 260+ chapters in one go of semi-weekly updates. Instead, I’ll release a 13-chapter sequence over a period of time (probably 2 updates/week), announce approximately how long it’ll be until the next sequence, and then go on temporary hiatus. I expect that this will be more sustainable than the method that I was using before.

Oh, and prior to going on hiatus, I lost my beta readers. Let me know if you’d be interested in being a beta reader, and we can get talking.